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WRE Group was founded in 2006 with one goal in mind: create sustainable, renewable energy sources for a greener future. From humble beginnings in a small Northern Utah town, WRE Group is now a top U.S. Biodiesel producer focused on supporting environmental preservation, creating jobs, and cutting America’s dependence on foreign oil.

WRE Group is a locally grown business with a sustainable global impact. Through our four divisions, WRE Group:
Produces the most Biodiesel in the Intermountain West from renewable sources
Keeps waste oils out of waterways and landfills via nationwide collection and processing
Supports local farmers by buying oilseed crops such as soy and canola that become biofuel
Provides highly refined glycerin for foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals

Our vision of what we can do continues to grow beyond the West as we supply Biodiesel fuel produced and maintained at the industry standard (ASTM D6751) to consumers throughout the country. Today, WRE has the capacity to produce 20 million gallons of Biodiesel each year, which can reduce CO2 emissions by more 194,000 tons each year.

But WRE Group is more than biofuel. Community involvement is a passion. We support our local communities through environmental awareness programs, scholarships, and multiple sponsorships. We champion three:
“Green” and environmentally friendly initiatives
Give back to the communities that we live and work in
Support education through scholarships and programs

Join WRE Group on our journey toward a sustainable, renewable future.

Chief Washakie

“If you keep this land and if you take care of it, it is always going to take care of you.”

Following the Path of Chief Washakie

Shoshone Chief Washakie shared this with his people more than 100 years ago as a way to remind them that the Earth is a precious resource that should be honored and loved. It’s foresight that rings true today more than ever.

Nine years ago in Plymouth, UT, we came up with the idea of a renewable energy company that would focus on creating resources from sustainable crops and recycled waste. A short distance away was a ghost town named for Chief Washakie. After a little research on what this great man stood for, it made sense to honor him.

Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE) was born. Today, WRE Group is a multi-division company that still holds true to the values set forth by our namesake.

As Chief Washakie saw more and more settlers pouring into ancestral Native American homelands, he knew that change was inevitable. The Shoshone could define and control their future or let someone else do it. He knew the plentiful water, gas, and oil on their lands would be valuable. Instead of taking the easy (and more dangerous) path, Chief Washakie helped define the borders of the Wind River Indian Reservation, which still exists today.1

WRE Group believes there are plentiful resources to tap in the form of sustainable soy bean crops or used cooking oils for biofuels. We believe local farmers are key partners in growing the crops needed for less-polluting and renewable products.

Like Chief Washakie, we know it’s up to companies such as WRE Group to define how we’ll preserve the Earth today and for generations to come. We think Chief Washakie would be proud.

Jacob Kingston
Chief Executive Officer
WRE Group

1 Source: http://www.madeinwyoming.net/profiles/washakie.php

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