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WRE Biofuels

As the Intermountain West’s largest Biodiesel producer, WRE Biofuels is driven by a passion to create clean-burning diesel replacement fuel from locally grown crops and recycled waste oils…

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WRE Chem & Pharm

WRE Chem & Pharma refines the glycerin that results from biofuel processing and produces various purity levels for use in everything from animal feed to food and beverages to cosmetics…

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WRE Feed & Mill

Farmers are the backbone of WRE Feed & Mill. Locally grown oilseed crops are converted to biofuel and animal feed at our Utah crush plant – the largest processing facility of its kind in the U.S…

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WRE Recyclers

WRE Recyclers offers nationwide, customized collection of used cooking oil and grease that’s recycled into clean biofuel. We treat our customers like partners in creating renewable energy…

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